Welcome to Brisage!

Brisage is a French Country Acadian community and it has the people to match.  A warm, friendly neighborhood, Brisage is 57 homes behind two pairs of wrought iron gates that look very much like the ironworks you will see in New Orleans, complete with the fleur de lis.  The divided entrance with a median is off Madison Avenue just east of Old Canton Road near the historic heart of Madison the City.  We’re just two good walking blocks from the new historic shopping district Madison Square now being designed in the historic center of the new Madison.  We also believe in being green.  Our front lawn is about four acres of green space and makes an ideal place to walk and relax on one of the benches next to our quiet lake.  Other green spaces bring our total open green space to about six and a half acres, available to the entire neighborhood for walks and relaxing.

The French Acadian feel is real in Brisage.


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