Cidleigh and Carl with Carl\'s sister the Rev. Susan Crawford, retired rector, St. James Episcopal, Greenville, MS Cidleigh at Renaissance Day at Madison Middle School where she teaches seventh grade Language Arts Carl and grandson Anderson, 3, who lives in Naples, FL From left, Cidleigh, Carl, Cidleigh\'s sister Beverly Aschenbrener in Denver, and Cidleigh\'s mom and dad Mary and Dick Butler. Cidleigh\'s 50th Birthday Party with teacher colleagues in our family room in 2012. Cidleigh and Carl at the Palm Court listening to classic jazz during Spring Break in March 2013. In 2009, when Cidleigh was still riding with Carl, even after he dropped her and the bike twice, both times sitting still in a left turn lane! Sitting in front of the Tivoli Fountain in Rome, during Cidleigh and Carl\'s 30 day trip to Italy in 2009. Cidleigh at the top of the dome of the Duomo (cathedral) in the center of Florence, Italy, during their 2009 trip to that country. Carl made it to the top of Highway 129 in the Smoky Mountains during 10 days of riding in the Smokies!

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